I’ve been doing this a while. I’m pretty casual as you can see but there’s a bit of print knowledge in there. It’s taken long enough but it’d dawned on me recently that there’s finally a use for all the skills I’ve developed over a near 30 year career in the Screen Print industry.


A traditional Serigraphy printer by trade, I grew up producing point-of-sale, posters, display advertising, and conventional graphic art in medium to large format. My specialty was always the super tight, mega detailed nightmares like transparent business cards and graphic overlays for the electronics industry.


For the last 20 odd years I’ve done a bit of everything though. Textile printing included, so my background and the skills developed in graphic printing basically set me up to nail the absolute shit out of textile printing today.


Using a combination of old school graphic print technique, and robbing the useful pieces of new school machinery and technology, I can offer a unique and solid solution for the failing’s of the traditional Screen Print model.


I’ll be honest – Screen Printing is difficult. It’s been made difficult by developments in garment construction and fabrics. While cotton has barely changed and you can pretty much do what you want with that particular medium – Polyester garments of today are a whole new disaster, and require a different approach to just slapping ink through a screen like you think Screen Printers do. Actually most printers still do do that.


I don’t do that. Well, actually I do depending on the job. Generally though, I do something better, faster, cleaner, and way more economical.


I don’t do any marketing other than this website, and chances are you’re here reading this because I’ve approached you. Likely I’ve already told you exactly what I can offer, and how simple a solution my services are.


If by chance you’ve just stumbled in here and taken in that mass of “about me” waffle, and you need branding services on garments, you’ve lucked in, and should really contact me.