Quality Garment Branding


Screen Printing for Business, Industry, Fashion, Sport and Schoolwear.

That’s the gist of what we do right there in the title. We can cover a broad scope of the branding requirements, and even a few well outside the general umbrella of other garment branders. We have some unconventional machinery and a near 30 year background in the flat-sheet graphic printing field of Screenprinting.

We do thing’s a little differently here, in that for the most part we cater to smaller run sizes. The specialty is keeping a cap on the fast turnaround, high quality repeat orders that the conventional Screenprinting method falls  short of catering to. Not that we shy away from the larger orders, we’re a small team with a big output.

I personally take a good look at everything coming in the door and advise the best method to suit. A lot of folk know exactly what they want, and that’s fine. More than a few aren’t sure – That’s fine too, I’m here to help.

We can supply all types of garments for any use from regular T-Shirts, Polo’s, Hoodies through Business and Workwear, Bags and Promotional items, and fit a branding method that will deliver unrivalled quality, and turn-around times.

Take a look at the gallery for the level of detail and quality achieved. That’s our niche and what set’s us apart from the rest. That and we’re pretty much outside the box when it comes to Screen printing and quality branding.



Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Conventional Screenprinting.
Suitable for medium to larger runs. Printing up to six colours.

It’s not as efficient as other forms of branding, And some garments just aren’t suited to this method, but it’s still the main-stay and is a necessary fit under the broad umbrella of garment decoration.

Screen Print Transfers

Screen Print Transfers

Transfers suitable for multiple images printed onto transfer media and heatpressed.

A VERY convenient and economical model for fast turn-around repeat branding of many garment styles. The print quality and finish is unrivalled, and we have a larger A2 print size.



Traditional stitching method.
Great for caps. Terrific longevity, and that sharp business look.

A lot of options with this method and is practical and economical for repeat work with quick turn-around.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Digital Print and Cad-Cut for smaller run sizes. Good for high detail with many colours.

Also used for one off items and individual names and numbers on sportswear / school leavers gear. Very sharp detail with a print resolution of 720+ DPI.


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